Energy-independent … Finally

A contract with an energy retailer is no longer required. Take control of your energy.

FRIDAY ENERGY: the basics

Energy specialists at Friday Energy have developed a battery that provides the most efficient way to consume and store renewable energy: the Friday Battery. Finally, you are in control of your own energy.
By using the smart battery, the grid connection is closely monitored and managed. This way the connection capacity to the grid can be substantially reduced, resulting in substantial savings on grid connection charges. Moreover, Friday Energy connects users digitally, this allows energy to be shared among users, making consumption even more efficient and as a result, cheaper.


  • Peakshaving capability : prevent excessive charges by the distribution services provider;
  • Generate own energy with solar panels and store energy in your own battery : round trip efficiency >90%;
  • Smart battery ensures more efficient consumption of your own solar energy;
  • Cheaper than a contract with an energy supplier due to the (lower) price of solar panels;
  • Reduce dependence on renewable incentive schemes; using the battery is always cheaper;
  • 100% sustainable.

Self consumption

When solar energy is available, the battery is being charged. Later in the day and during the evening/night this stored energy is being used when solar energy is not available.

The software by Friday Energy ensures a 100% sustainable and affordable energy supply

Share energy  

with whom?

Participants in Friday Energy all use the same battery. We reach out to as many solar energy advocates as possible to connect with. Because as more users join, the greater the community gets and in turn, the more energy can be shared, such that additional energy procurement will no longer be needed. The battery is controlled with the latest Energy Management software that ensures the most efficient storage and consumption of solar energy.


what about that?

On cloudy days, where little solar energy is available and Friday Batteries jointly do not have sufficient energy to provide to the community, the required energy will be directly sourced from the energy wholesale market. The smart battery software already knows well in advance when this additional energy will be needed and therefore always buys the cheapest (100% sustainable) energy straight from the market.

Is Friday Energy

an energy company?

Our goal is to supply clean and affordable energy to anyone. The major challenge our customers face is that the energy market is complex and inaccessible for small local producers/consumers. We work together with local organizations offering the legal framework to be able to supply energy from a producer to a consumer. By creating a community of producers and consumers we become a large virtual energy organization owned by the users of the Friday Battery. By bringing everyone together we supply clean and affordable energy … firstly for our users, later for whole cities and ultimately for anyone.

Typical energy usage with Friday Energy

70 %

Solar Energy Using panelsand stored in Friday Battery

20 %

Energy Shared within the community

10 %

Energymarket Cheap and 100% sustainable direct from the greenenergy market