The smart battery

for solar panels


The Friday Battery is more than a regular home battery that stores solar energy. Combined with the smart energy software it regulates the entire energy system of your building. The Friday Battery ensures optimal storage and usage of generated solar energy. If more energy is generated than the battery can store, the energy can be shared with the community. Batteries that don’t have sufficient energy stored can acquire it automatically from the community. With this any member of the community  company affiliated with Friday Energy is its own retailer, all handled by the Friday Battery, automatically.

Lower  Grid connection charges

With the software on Friday Energy’s smart battery, the energy connection to the existing electricity network is minimized. This allows you to connect more machines or equipment to your current energy connection. This means more EV charging poles and/or more solar panels on the roof of your building. Monitoring and managing the grid connection continuously can result in substantial costs savings.

Peak shaving

The battery has sufficient capacity to supply additional power at peaks. This way, by using battery power during peaks the capacity on the grid can be reduced. This ‘’shaving’’ of peaks in capacity can result in a reduced grid fee to the Distribution Service Organisations, controlling the network.

Energy feed-in during congestion

In case excess energy cannot be stored in the battery, it will be fed back into the public grid. Friday Energy’s software ensures the most optimal financial yield is achieved by optimizing the time-of-use according to energy market pricing. However, the grid operator may impose restrictions on the quantity and time when energy can be fed back into the grid. If you are not allowed to feed energy, the battery ensures that self-generation is optimized and energy curtailment is applied only as a last resort.

Battery type NCM
Capacity 15 kWh – 150 kWh
Depth of (dis)charge 20% – 80%
Voltage 410
Certification cel UL1642
Certification module UN38.3 & CE
Charging current 25 A
Operating Temperature -10 ºC to 45 ºC
Installation In- & outdoor
Weight 138 kg
Dimensions (h x w x d) 1200mm x 580mm x 200mm
Warranty 10 years
Inverter capacity 10 kw 3ph
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